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Safety on airport pavings

Safety has always been and will always be a primary factor in the management of any airport. With domestic and international travel constantly increasing, wear on runways and other areas of airports is greater and therefore continuously requiring constant maintenance.

Technology advances and new systems for maintenance are introduced almost daily. Restoration of safety factors, such as surface roughening and removal of rubber deposits on runways is today done without the use of chemicals which tend to damage the under laying strata. New mechanical methods also respect the concrete or asphalt while allowing for speedy interventions. Being notoriously costly, down time in airports is an element of utmost importance.

With dry blasting or scarifying methods, the high yield of such equipment and total absence of process residues enable to program maintenance interventions at best. In addition, it is possible to restore the fabric and general characteristics of a surface to “as-new” conditions at significantly lower costs than traditional resurfacing work and with far less disturbance and notably reduced operating times.

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